Saturday, January 19, 2008

How Cordless Phones Work

Phones are one of the most important modes of two-way communication in existence. Phones have revolutionized the way people communicate. Many business firms have tapped into this limitless resource to rope in new business and also cater to existing clients. Sales and marketing business have specifically tapped into the potential of voice communication to bring new business and generate large amounts of revenue. Phones have seen a constant up gradation in the technology used. Original models were available as large and stationary boxes that could connect to a limited group of phones. Phones are now available as sleek and attractive gadgets that have enabled people to communicate with individuals across the globe. Cordless phones are the most recent addition in the already existing family of phones. They eliminate the need of complicated installation and messy wiring. Cordless phone is a part of a two-piece gadget that has a handset and a base unit. A cordless phone is based on the principle of the radio. It uses high frequency radio waves to transmit and receive signals. These signals are decoded into sound and made audible. Base unit is connected to the main phone jack and an AC power cord is needed to charge the handset. Base unit receives incoming calls via phone line and coverts it into FM radio signals. This is then transmitted to the handset, which decodes these signals. Once the handset receives radio signals from the base, it is converted into electrical signals and thereafter decoded as digital sounds. While speaking on the handset, voice is converted into signals and sent to the base unit through an FM signal. Base unit then converts it in to an electric signal and transmits it through the phone line to the caller. Briefly, this is the procedure on which a cordless phone works. Range of cordless phones is dependant on the strength of the frequency at which signals are received and transmitted. Higher frequency leads to better sound quality and range of function. Cordless Phones provides detailed information on Cordless Phones, Cordless Phone Batteries, Cordless Digital Phones, Cordless Phone Reviews and more. Cordless Phones is affiliated with Cordless Phone Headsets .

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