Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mobile Phone - My Best Friend

If you have ever been without your mobile phone, you must have realized its importance in your personal and professional life. Today mobiles are not just restricted to making or receiving calls. In fact, there is now a diverse range of applications. Mobile phone is man s latest and the best of all friends. Features available are the internet, sms service, songs, games, camera and many more. Lets have a look on the its features : Digital camera: When you are out with your friends, you would want to capture the moment. Your mobile phone with inbuilt camera makes all the task very easy. Just point and click. Its as easy as that and mobile phones are quite handy. Later on you can transfer these snaps to your computer or your pen drive. You can even send the pictures to your friends. Audio recorder: You can record conversations in your mobile phone. Video recorder: Phones are becoming video cameras also -- some of the newest cellphones can record an hour or more of video. Multimedia messaging: Everything recorded can be shared with others by using MMS. Web Surfing and emailing: You can even send emails or search the net for any information. Viewing documents: It is increasingly possible to view documents on the cellphone, in the popular MS-Office file formats. Music player: The next big thing in 2005 is by the availability of music on mobile phones. While phones can play MP3s, it will soon also be possible to have music streamed from the Internet. Wallet: The phone can also be used to pay for purchases like a credit or debit card. There is already a billing relationship that exists between the subscriber and the operator, and that can be used to make payments to merchants. Bar-code readers: Phones will also be able to read bar codes and that can have very interesting applications in commerce. Mobile phones are becoming very powerful and are likely to become a dominant device for CCC (Communication, Computing and Content). Lets see what these small devices has to offer in the future. By Jimmy Mobile Downloads

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