Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nokia 6300 Can Satisfy Your Thirst for Best Technology

The latest 6300 model from Nokia is a sophisticated and stylish mobile phone coming in an attractive stainless steel casing with full of fun and highly useable features that will make the user enjoyed. The handset comes with a large 2 Inch screen with 16.7 million colours on a TFT QVGA type display. The Nokia 6300 mobile phone has an inbuilt memory of 7.8 Mbytes and a 128 Mbytes MicroSD memory card included with the start up kit. The memory can be expanded up to 2 Gbytes with an addition MicroS memory card. Weighing 91 and measuring 106.4 mm x 43.6 mm x 11.7 mm this model is too comfortable to be slipped into the pocket and to hold in the hand. Another attractive feature of Nokia 6300 mobile phone is the existence of a built in 2 megapixel digital camera feature that will help the user to take photos, store photos, send and share photos from the mobile handset. The digital zoom in the camera will allow the user to get up close to the desired shot making the picture too perfect. The mobile phone also has a fully charged battery with a standby battery time of up to 264 hours and a talk time of up to 3.5 hours. The mobile phone also has an Edge technology that will ensure the high speed data transfer for the user to enjoy. Its is also beneficial for the user with the Bluetooth technology that will help the user with a wireless connectivity option on their mobile phone. The Nokia 6300 has a USB connection that can connect the mobile to any USB compatible device ensuring sophisticated technology on the hand set. Adam Caitlin is expert author of Telecommunication industry.He is writing useful insights and articles about Gaming consoles ,Gps Devices and mobile phones.

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