Saturday, January 19, 2008

Phonecards Make A Difference

Phonecards have certainly made the world a smaller place. It wasn t too long ago when the thought of making an overseas phone call would have had most of us doing calculations on whether or not we could afford it or whether it was too indulgent. Not now. Now, with the cost reduced to, in some instances, less than a cent a minute, dialling anywhere in the world doesn t hold the same fears it once did. This struck home to me when I visited my parents in Adelaide last Christmas in Adelaide. My dad was a stickler for controlled phone use when I was growing up. Many times,I remember having to disappear whenever the phone bill arrived and the sub total was a little abnormal. Dad was never happy about it and of course, I would be the first to cop an earfull. And that was just for local calls! I vividly recall answering phone calls and within thirty seconds, Dad would be standing alongside gesturing to get off the phone. He would say something like... Come on, wind it up. It s costing a fortune! I d respond with.. But dad, I didn t make the call. Doesn t matter, he d bellow, they ll still find a way to charge you. You just can t trust those phone companies. How could you win? But here s the kicker. When I got to my parents last Christmas, Dad was on the phone when I walked through the door. After I finished greeting mum I waited for Dad to get off the phone. He eventually did.. twenty minutes later. As he hung up the receiver he gave a short skip and a jump and clapped his hands together once. I thought he was overjoyed to see me but no, in an excitable tone he declared.. Yes! I m having the last laugh. For years those phone people having been charging us like wounded bulls but not anymore. I am happy to see you too Dad, I said getting a little frustrated. what do you mean? Phonecards son, phonecards, he delighted in telling me. That call to Italy took eighty minutes and cost me just two dollars. Can you believe it? You should seriously think about using phonecards too. Little did he know I had discovered them a long time ago. They have made a huge difference to long distance phone call affordability for many of us. You simply go out and buy a $10, $20, $50, or however much you want to spend; punch in a code; dial your number and connect. It s that simple. In fact, it s almost a challenge trying to whittle down your allotted call time. If you have been thinking seriously of using phonecards I do recommend shopping around. It goes without saying. Ask and compare different services before choosing the right one for you. Do some research. Hey, believe me, my Dad is a tough task master. If he says phonecards are the greatest thing since sliced bread then you better believe it! Dean Caporella is a professional Journalist and Sportscaster who takes a wide interest in a variety of topics. Dean has been a phonecard fan for sometime. You know, he says. When I first purchased a phonecard when travelling, I couldn t get over how cheap it was to actually phone long distance. I thought why would anyone ever bother going back to conventional wethods. We hope you ll find a valuable resource.

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