Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mosquito Ringtone -The Soundless Ringtone

Mosquito ringtone is the answer to teens who want to receive their text message in class. The mosquito ringtones that have grown in popularity among teens is literally inaudible to most people over the age of 30 years. What is interesting is that what is now the mosquito ringtone was invented to repel teenagers. In a show of ingenuity, the teens have turned against the adults proving to be just as persistently irritating as the insect the ring tone is named after. The mosquito ringtone is a high pitch 17 kilohertz frequency that is clearly audible to humans aged 30 and below. Invented by Howard Stapleton, it was developed as a tool to repel loitering youth that hang around British shops. Infact the actual product is called Mosquito Teen Repeller. This is a nine inch black box that emits this high pitch sound in loud volumes repelling any one that can hear it. And since it s normally audible only to teens, it doesn t disturb adults. The invention depends on the natural depreciation of the humans ear capability to hear with age. This condition is known as prebycusis or aging ear. It results to gradual loss of hearing. This happens by gradually losing the ability to hear high pitched sounds. To give you an idea, the highest note on the piano is 4 kilohertz. Nearly everyone with functioning ears will hear this sound. At 11 kilohertz adults aged above 50-59yrs cannot hear. At 12 kilohertz we lose the age group above 40-49yrs. Generally adults above 30 years old will not hear sounds above 14 kilohertz. But the ages between 18yrs and 24yrs can clearly hear 16 hertz and beyond. The mosquito ringtone at 17 khz is a perfect ring tone to alert a student of an incoming call or text right in the middle of class. Stapleton, the inventor did not anticipate this use. However after a knock-off was availed online by someone probably from Wales, they ended up releasing what they called the original mosquito ringtone. But teens beware, not all adults are deaf to the mosquito ringtone. Some teachers aged around 30 years are reported to hear the ring tone. What s interesting is that they do not necessarily hear it as piercingly as the teens. Probably give them a few years and they too will be deaf to the mosquito ringtone; so much for banning cell phone in class. In the meantime do not go for those free mosquito ringtone downloads. Apart from the danger of downloading malware to your computer, you will probably not get 17,000Hertz ring tone. MP3 files which are used to download these ring tones use loosely compressed files unlike WAV. So your phone will not reproduce the pitch. You will end being busted when your phone rings. Living in the U.S.A? Get a high quality mosquito ringtone with this offer now because you also get 15 complimentary ring tones . Enter Your Cell-Phone Number Here NOW

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