Saturday, January 19, 2008

Personalizing Your Mobile Phone Using A Ringtone

Does the popularity of the ringtone or ringback tone rest on mobile phones or is it the other way around? Before, the regular landline telephone gave out a ringback tone standardized by the industry. Today, the incoming call of each mobile phone can be heard in a variety of ring pitches and tones. Each one can be readily distinguished from the other. That is why ringback tones are now one of the most used personalized items by a mobile users. In fact, they even compete with wallpaper screens and themes on the matter of the most downloaded searches from Internet websites. Technology is the reason behind this current advancement in the ring back tone. Unlike the regular tone of the landline telephone, which is activated by electrical signals, the ringback tone of the mobile phone is activated by radio frequency signals. Since mobile users will usually find themselves in crowded areas, the identification of their own personal ring tone is very important. In a crowd of mobile users, confusion may arise if all their ringtones will sound off at the same time, which is why a specific radio frequency signal is allotted for each mobile user through their mobile numbers. Also, the varieties of available ring tones help each mobile user establish his identity. A ringtone is usually patterned after a favorite song or tune of a mobile user. This breakthrough came about from the popularity of video games. The soundtrack of video games is usually lively singular tones that play in the background while the gamer is playing. Eventually, mobile phones were provided with ring capabilities to the approval of mobile users. At first, tones of mobile phones were limited to short bursts of melody or sound but later versions can now accommodate the whole duration of a song. Also, singular tones would later give way to multi-toned songs, melodies and even personal voice recordings. While some mobile users prefer to activate the vibrate mode of their mobile phones, some are eager to show-off their ringback tones. A ringback tone becomes the voice of the new generation. Not only did it become a popular download item, it also defines the latest generation of mobile users. Sometimes, ringtones can define a current culture or fashion trend. Hearing the same ring tones in the company of other mobile users is evident of their occasional identity as a fad. Whatever their reasons for picking up a specific ring back tone, mobile users will definitely find their use very timely and entertaining. Mobile service providers even employ celebrities in the promotion of ringtones. Usually, popular songs of artists are converted into a ringtone and are advertised on billboards and spreadsheets for download. Craig Thornburrow is an acknowledged expert in his field. You can get more free advice on free ringtones and a free polyphonic ringtone samsung at

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