Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mobile Data Usage - Growing Slowly

Telephonic technology is booming with excellent options being added to smart phones for the benefit of professionals and casual users. Mobile data usage â€" internet access and email â€" is increasing albeit slowly according to some statistical studies but then that determination might be questioned by some as customer age seems to be a factor in data usage. One international study showed that out of 4,000 surveyed, 53 percent of the phones being used were fully data equipped and 56 percent of those customers were using online services including email (sending, receiving, checking) and internet. Age does seem to have some bearing on data usage and it has been suggested that the older we become, the more resistant we are to change. A confirming example of this statement is that statistics revealed 80 percent of those interviewed in the study who were 65 years old and older indicated that they would use their phones only for voice communications and 60 percent of those between 35 and 44 years of age said that they, too, will only use their phones for communications. This drastically changes with the age group of 24 years and younger where responses indicate that 75 percent use both voice and data services on a regular basis. About one-third of smart phone owners use Multimedia Messaging Services â€" photos and video clips â€" with 90 percent using SMS at least once per month. Music capabilities are used more frequently with the number of downloads increasing â€" from 21 percent the previous year to 33 percent. As globalization continues to spread and the costs of conducting businesses increase, more and more people and businesses are using multimedia phones for more than just conversations. As the statistics indicate, data usage options are primarily being used by the 24 and under age group, and it is felt that as these people age and move into professional careers, data usage will increase as more and more people become acquainted with how to use the devices for personal and business gains. Email was slow to take hold, but look at it now! Data usage is a means by which businesses can work faster, more smoothly, and more cost-effectively. Ease of telephonic data usage increases productivity, response times, and customer perceptions of your business. Mobile data usage is on the increase with many using features in different ways â€" voice and data combined in video and web conferencing with others from locations around the world saving much money in personnel and travel expenses. Instantaneous data accessibility and video web conferencing are realities today, easily affordable, and functional â€"and slowly changing the way people work in ever expanding networks throughout our world.

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